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“In each and every one of us sits a seed, and when we allow our light to shine, develop the belief ourselves and build strategies that will help us grow, only then will those seeds sprout and blossom into the flower we are meant to be.”  - Valentine

Valentine is a top youth motivational speaker, and his mission is to uplift and inspire students to understand the power of their stories. As educators make efforts in planting the seeds of courage, confidence, and unity in all students.


Valentine shows up to instill and reinforce positive messaging that educators share with students. Valentine shares his story, his lessons, and his mistakes as an indicator and a reference for students. As he puts it," I'm not here because of my accomplishments, I am here because of my mistakes. The mistakes that spawned lessons, that in turn provided direction, which later provided correction and now can provide encouragement for each and every one of you." As an individual counted out one too many times, Valentine's messaging of resilience, his experiences as an EMT in the inner city, his work in media, provide an experience for students that is engaging, heartfelt, captivating, and relative.

Through his authentic, motivational speaking, Valentine shares the obstacles he has faced, from growing up without a father present to his challenge with anxiety, his crafted messages have the intention to heal. Valentine offers himself as a vessel, but more importantly as an example. The power of our story is only understood through education and understanding.









Anthony Valentine is the author of the book "On The Car Ride Home, director/writer of "Shea" on Amazon Prime, and a top motivational speaker for Youth on Self-Esteem, Diversity, and more.

From selling custom t-shirts outside of his grandmother’s residence to American recording artist Kendrick Lamar sporting one of Anthony’s custom-made denim vests to a later collaboration with New Balance, Valentine (as most of his friends and supporters call him) has always explored his interests, constantly developing his talents and desire to bring positive impact on the world. 

Valentine is a author, director/writer, top youth motivational speaker, a pier-dm EMT with degree in Biology and the founder of KultureMAG, an SEL resource created to develop an individual and societal identity in students. At 28 years old, Valentine places all his efforts in saving student lives, one story at a time. 


Valentine and his team aim to bring Kulture to the world, through the discipline of an educational lifestyle brand that motivates, inspires, and provides intellectual and social, and emotional content for both the current generation and for future generations to come.

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"We brought Anthony into our district to talk to students about becoming attuned to their individual activity in order to shape a school culture where everyone feels welcomed and an equal part of. We had no idea that of the impression that Anthony would leave with students. His talk touched upon identity, positive self-image, and healthy mental health. We would bring Anthony back into our school for another talk in a heartbeat." - L. Frank

Metco Director, Westwood Public Schools | Westwood, MA


"Mr. Valentine was excellent. He hosted two 60 min. sessions. One with our middle school and one with our upper school. His content was engaging and students felt an instant connection with him. His communication was superb and he also worked with me to create a personalized video for our school that got people excited. If you are looking for a speaker that can successfully engage a very apathetic campus community then he is the right fit for you. As a school that struggles with addressing mean behavior, empathy, respect, and its connection to diversity, Mr. Valentine did an amazing job of connecting all these areas and did in a way that felt organic. I would highly recommend him!!!!" - Christina A.

Diversity & Inclusion, Austin Preparatory School | Reading, MA

"Valentine has tailored the entire presentation to our school community. He visited the school previously to the presentation date in order to understand our building-student body in general. He also stayed for the four lunch periods after his pres. to interact with all students. Highly recommend him."

Diversity, counselor, Parsippany-Hills High School | Parsippany, NJ

"Inspirational, strong, and encouraging are just a few of the qualities Anthony Valentines exudes as a speaker. M.S 151 has been deeply touched by Anthony’s motivational messages. Our students were absolutely engaged and encouraged to reflect on their choices and future. Anthony has been able to relate to our students in a way that not many people have. His personal anecdotes, positive energy, and delivery were not only remarkable but sensed by everyone in the room. The administration and staff alike were motivated and enlightened by Anthony’s powerful presence. I highly recommend Anthony as a motivational speaker, mentor, and inspirational figure" - Dayana C.

Guidance Counselor, M.S 151 | Bronx, NY

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